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My wife S and I have been married for 20 years and we have not done anything with anyone, except last year at a party in one of our friends said he hotfilms admired her cleavage all night, and before he asked me I would love to see them. Almost dropped the cup D My wife is 30 and size 10 in the final with a small but very nice tits ass. His wife is a size 18 / 20 and huge boobs. D said she had small breasts for years and then with the caveat that she lowered her top and kissed her nipples and I thought it was. I have since asked to do other things but I said no. In February, we have new phone and if I bother to work, I ask you to encourage me hotfilms and send a photo of her breasts just for a laugh. We have mentioned this at a party with friends and T, and said it was disgusting and no one, except to see her in the bedroom. T was immediately interested and went to his wife said he hotfilms wondered if he could see the pictures S, who was drunk, he said one to sendThem. when we got home, she asked me to take a picture of it and send it, what I did and the answer was hotfilms in the top. On Monday, S went to work, which occurs twice a year. As usual, I have asked you to enjoy your self and go with someone as normal as she said, but in the middle of the night I received a text with a picture of her breasts with a question I want more. She never showed the picture below, but sent the nude beside a bed. I called immediately to a photo, she had no responses have been taken away the dignity of another person. It became more difficult when the text back asking, do you want to see more, this time with a photo of your typing in the coming years, so I had returned. The next photo was of her sucking a dick, I almost hotfilms stopped to load later. The next was the beginning of a ladder to her. I asked for a photo of your kind of crap, but she refused and said only fuck him if I was there, and I like to do something. , then called me to sayT is me and has a meeting in the same place without saying anything to anyone. now, where she told him he sucked and did cum on her face, though he and I wanted to take T ( us) then I suck T, which is in agreement, I quickly agreed after a few seconds . S said Saturday that the E is gone, but have more than two T and I want to I want hotfilms to know what happened to my wife, but I can not wait until the weekend when she is back,
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